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Whether our clients want small or large systems, individual items, consultancy or installation we aim for excellence in everything we provide. We don’t believe in bad jobs, half jobs or anything less than 100% customer satisfaction. Take a look at our services below and see what Alt AV can do for you:

  • Commercial EntertainmentAt Alt AV we have been involved in some of the most complex systems used in the world today across many different countries. We can advise on single screen and multi-screen systems, projector systems, sports simulators and interactive entertainment, using the latest technologies to provide a cost effective facelift to your premises. We also have expert knowledge on sound systems, DJ systems and band input to provide the complete package for you. We are available for consultation, design, installation and commissioning using our hands on experience with real technology to provide the best solutions for our clients.
  • Home EntertainmentHere at Alt AV we have vast experience in all the technologies you are going to want in your home. We can provide a full system for your property from conception through design to installation covering multiple rooms, we would then advise on and source all equipment through our network of suppliers and importers and then install, configure and test the entire system to leave you with an end product that is reliable as well as perfect for your every need. Whether you want a home cinema experience in your front room or an outdoor disco and entertainment zone we are the people to provide it. There is no job too small and every job is delivered with the same levels of enthusiasm, professionalism and pride in our work whatever it may be.
  • Marine EntertainmentOur staff at Alt AV has been involved in some of the most expensive, complex entertainment and automation systems ever attempted on private yachts. Across vessels such as the 147m Motor Yacht Topaz and the 182m Motor Yacht Azzam we have worked on countless owners and guest suites, on board night clubs and discos, 4D interactive cinemas, 16 channel satellite bouquets displayed on 103” LCD screens, central movie servers with hundreds of on demand titles and smart remotes and ipad controls in every room. It is safe to say there is no job too big for Alt AV on your vessel and we have the experience and expertise to make it happen. We have experience on all sizes and types of vessel so use the contact us page to arrange a free consultation on your yacht and find out what we can do for you.
  • CCTV SystemsWe believe CCTV should be used to look after your most valuable assets – your family. We can advise you on security risks and the best positioning of cameras in and around your property to give you absolute peace of mind when you are and are not at home. We have strong relationships with importers that give us access to the latest in CCTV technology whilst still keeping prices affordable. Our systems can be set up for viewing on your home TV, computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone with a recording function for you to review footage, with continuous recording over a set period of time or motion or noise triggered alarms to start the recording. We can also arrange email alerts when the system detects motion and a remote viewing feature to allow you to see what is happening at home when you are not at home via any of your mobile devices.

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